School Development Plan

Kirkby Stephen Grammar School: Vision, Aims & Values


  • Kirkby Stephen Grammar School is a learning community committed to success for all.


  • To promote lifelong learning
  • To promote an inclusive ethos in which everyone can develop and be successful
  • To encourage everyone to improve standards of academic progress
  • To develop self-discipline and positive social behaviour to enable students to become effective citizens in society
  • To provide a wide and exciting range of enrichment activities beyond the classroom
  • To provide high quality learning opportunites and higher standards through sharing specialist facilities and resources with partner schools and developing and disseminating good practice
  • To work with the Eden Valley Sports Partnership to develop high quality PE, School Games and competition
  • To provide high quality learning opportunities for members of the wider community
  • To develop partnerships with local businesses and providers
  • To plan for all pupils to stay on in training, apprenticeships or education to the age of 18
  • To cater for the needs of Gifted and Talented pupils
  • To work effectively with our partner schools for mutual support and benefits


  • Self-help
    In co-operatives, people help each other whilst helping themselves by working together for mutual benefit.
  • Self-responsibility
    Individuals within co-operatives act responsibly and play a full part in the organisation.
  • Democracy
    A co-operative will be structured so that members have control over the organisation— one member, one vote.
  • Equality
    Each member will have equal rights and benefits (according to their contribution).
  • Equity
    Members will be treated justly and fairly.
  • Solidarity
    Members will support each other and other co-operatives.
  • Ethical
    Values In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe in the ethical values of:



Social responsibility

Caring for others

Kirkby Stephen
Cumbria, CA17 4HA

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Mr Gary Hartley


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