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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

A Co-operative Academy

Pupil Premium & Year 7 Catch up 2012-13

Pupil Premium Spending

The Pupil Premium allocation for 2012-13 is £31,800.

The School plans to spend the current allocation as follows:

  • Teaching maths at KS4 in 4 groups: £11,000
  • Bespoke educational support: £6,000
  • Music tuition: £2,250
  • Educational visits and residentials: £3,000
  • Sports Fixtures, squad fees and transport: £500
  • Staffing costs - providing specific support to ensure attendance and attainment for disadvantaged pupils: £6,630
  • Practical resources: £500

Pupil Premium Impact

Although the 5 A*-C English and Maths at GCSE was below average for FSM pupils in 2013, as was the expected levels of progress in English and Maths, the following attainment measure demonstrates an impact of the use of pupil premium money.

  1. Capped total point score was 340.3 sig+ve (35 points above average)
  2. Capped total point score GCSE only was 267.3 sig+ve (51.9 points above average)
  3. Total points score was 464.3 (60 points above average)
  4. Total point score GCSE only was 270.8 (35 points above average)

Key stage 2-4 value added figures were also slightly better than national figures.

Year 7 Catchup Money

The Year 7 Catchup money was used to provide:

  • 2 extra lessons of numeracy per week: £2,000
  • 2 extra lessons of literacy per week: £2,000
  • Resources for numeracy and literacy lessons: £1,000
  • Form time reading materials: £1,000

Impact of Year 7 Catchup Money

On average pupils receiving catchup funding in literacy and numeracy increased attainment, on average, by 2 sub levels of progress over the year in both English and Maths over the year.

The reading age of the literacy group significantly improved.