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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

A Co-operative Academy

Pupil Premium & Year 7 Catch up 2013-14

The Pupil Premium allocation for 2013-14 is £46,700

Year 7 Catch Up allocation for 2013-14 is £6,000


Action Allocation Expected Impact Impact achieved
Provision of additional KS4 Maths teaching group £12,000 Improve progress of forever 6 pupils in Maths and 5 A*-C English and Maths measure

57% of disadvantaged pupils made 3 levels of progress.

Value Added score of 1002.1

57% A*-C in Maths

Provision of additional KS4 English teaching group £12,000 Improve progress of all pupils, especially forever 6, in English and 5 A*-C English and Maths measure

57% of disadvantaged pupils made 3 levels of progress.

Value Added score of 998.3

71% A*-C in English

Bespoke Educational Support

  • Including extra HLTA support in lessons
  • Use of individual programmes in Year 11
  • Use of Appleby Heritage Centre and transport costs to deliver Level 1 Engineering
£14,000 Improves engagement of male pupils and tailored to meet individual educational needs of pupils Value Added score for disadvantaged pupils was 1002.4 compared to 977.5 nationally
Music Tuition £2,300 Improve engagement and attainment in music and extra-curricular music

Absence was 6.5% compared to 7.3% nationally.

Persistent absence was 7.5% compared with 11.5% nationally.

Sports Fixtures / Squad Fees £700 Improves engagement and achievement in sport
Attendance / pupil welfare counselling £3,500 Ensure attendance is high and welfare issues are monitored and supported
Year 11 English Registration Project £700 To improve progress in GCSE English  
Practical resources and other individual projects £2,500 To enable bespoke integration and engagement of pupils on an individual needs level  
Half Term booster classes £500 Improve progress in English at GCSE 57% made expected progress in English
Year 7 Catch Up      


Staffing of Year 7 extra Maths and English 1 to small group OR 1 to 1 lessons

£5,000 To improve attainment of Year 7 pupils in English and Maths to make sure they reach Level 4 in both subjects by the end of Year 7  
  • Resources for Form reading
  • Library reading and homework
  • KS3 reading book project
£1,000 To improve literacy in Key stage 3