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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

A Co-operative Academy

This section of the website is for all our Year 6 Parents/Carers and students. I hope you are well and coping with these difficult and unusual times we find ourselves in.

Kirkby Stephen Grammar School is committed to making the transition into secondary school as positive as possible and we are here to help you.

Year 6 students, I’m sure you have started to think about starting your new school and are feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves. That’s perfectly normal! I want you to know that we are excited about you joining us and are already making plans to welcome you to your new school.

Obviously, things are different at the moment and we are all awaiting updates and direction from her majesty’s government to find out what the next few weeks and months ahead will look like in schools and most importantly how we are going to keep everyone safe.



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Year 6 Frequently Asked Questions

We will keep this page updated with information for you so that you can start to feel a part of our school. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the school admin email and mark it for the attention of Mr O’Doherty. 


John O’Doherty

KS 2/3 coordinator

Director of Learning and Pastoral Support Years 7 and 8

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Letters for Students 

 2020-06-30 Year 7 entrance exam .pptDownload
 2020-06-30 Transition-booklet.pdfDownload
 2020-06-03 ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO STUDENTS COVID - Booklet.pdfDownload
 2020-05-25 Music Lessons Information Booklet.pdfDownload
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Letters for Parents 

 2020-07-17 First day letter Septemer 2020.pdfDownload
 2020-07-16 September Reopening letter.pdfDownload
 2020-06-03 ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR PARENTS COVID - Booklet.pdfDownload
 2020-05-26 Year 6 Transition update - letter.pdfDownload
 2020-05-25 New students Coming from Hawes - letter.pdfDownload
 2020-05-25 New Students - Letter.pdfDownload
 2020-05-25 Maths equipment - letter.pdfDownload
 2020-05-25 locker letter for new students - letter.pdfDownload
 2020-05-25 Cashless catering for new students - letter.pdfDownload
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The Year 7 Tutor Team 

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