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Year 7 History

What will I study?

Topic 1 – The Norman Conquest


  • Who Should be King in 1066
  • Candidates to be king in 1066
  • The Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • The battle of Hastings. (Why should Normans win?)

Topic 2 – Norman Control


  • Overview of ways in which Normans controlled the country
  • Castle Building
  • How and why did castles develop in the Middle Ages?

Topic 3 – The Power of the church in the Middle Ages


  • Ways in which the Church controlled people’s lives

Topic 4 – The problems faced by Medieval Kings and how these problems were dealt with.


  • Ways in which the Church controlled people’s lives
  • King John and French wars (French King)
  • King John and the magna Carta (Barons)

Topic 5 – Characteristic features of life in the Middle Ages


  • The farming year – a peasant work and life

Topic 6 – The Black Death and its social and economic impact  


  • Causes, effects, “cures” and consequences

Topic 7 – The English Reformation and Counter Reformation (Henry VIII – Mary I)


  • The Tudor family tree
  • Henry VIII – Why did he set up the Church of England? Did he achieve his aims?
  • Edward VI and Mary I – religious changes

Topic 8 – The Problems faced by Elizabeth and how to solve them


  • Overview
  • Elizabeth’s Middle Way
  • Elizabeth’s use of propaganda
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • The Spanish Armada
  • Concluding Task: Was Elizabeth a successful monarch?

Topic 9 – The Causes and events of the Civil Wars


  • The different political and religious beliefs of King and Parliament. The events leading to Civil War – Why did Civil War break out?
  • Charles’ Execution

Topic 10 – The Interregnum and Restoration


  • Cromwell and the Puritans

Topic 11 – Life in 17th Century


  • Great fire
  • Great Plague

For more information please contact Rachel Steels Subject Leader for History.