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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

A Co-operative Academy

Year 8 Science

Year 8 science at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, is taught in ability sets.  Students will build upon skills and concepts met in year 7 to develop their scientific understanding and application. Some concepts will be revisited and scientific skills will be developed in different contexts.  All pupils are taught by enthusiastic and committed science specialists.

Science Curriculum

We follow a broad range of lessons and activities from each of the three science disciplines.

Biology Chemistry Physics
Breathing and Respiration Elements and the Periodic Table Moving By Force
Inheritance, Variation and Evolution Types of Reaction Making Images
Photosynthesis Chemical Energy More About Force
Microbes The Earth, Resources and Climate Magnets and Electromagnets

How you will study

In 3 hours of lessons each week you will study and learn largely by activity, discussion and practice. You will share your ideas and understanding with your peers and be encouraged to work to the best of your ability.

Assessment Arrangements

As you complete each topic, you will also complete assessments made up of end of unit tests and skills assessments. The results of these will map your progress and provide targets to aim for to improve.

Further Information

Please contact the Science subject leader, Mrs. Michelle Thwaites at school if you require any further details.