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A Level History

The course consists of:

Paper 1

A Breadth study (ie a study over a long period of time). Britain 1625-1701. This was a dramatic time in our history with; a civil war, the beheading of a king and a time when England became a Republic for the first and only time in our history. The King was then Restored and the settlement agreed has tremendous relevance for our Parliament and Monarchy today.

Paper 2

A Depth study. Russia in Revolution 1894-1924. This module explores the dramatic events of the Communist Revolution for Russia when the Tsar and his family were shot and new Communist leaders took power.

Paper 3

A Thematic study. Civil rights and race relations in the USA 1850-2009. This was a dramatic time in America’s history when African Americans led by inspirational leaders such as Martin Luther King struggled to gain equality against racist forces such as the Ku Klux Klan. The culmination of this struggle can be seen as the election of Barack Obama to be President in 2009.


This is a single assignment of 3,000-4,000 words which consists of an independent investigation into Stalin’s Russia and The Purges.

 (All 4 units form the A-Level)


1 Britain 1625-1701 Exam: 2 Hours 15 Minutes 30%
2 Russia in Revolution 1894-1924 Exam: 1 Hour 30 Minutes 20%
3 Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA 1850-2009 Exam: 2 Hours 15 Minutes 30%
4 Coursework 1 Assignment 20%