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Year 8 Spanish

Languages lesson in Year 8 continue to include a variety of activities to support and encourage spontaneity and language development.  Working with and helping out your peers is a big part of learning a language and you will be expected to work independently, in pairs, in groups or as a whole class.  

You will be assessed regularly throughout the year to see how you are getting on. We work on four skills in Spanish; listening, speaking, reading and writing. We try to do a bit of each every lesson to give you lots of practice. You will continue building on your vocabulary and grammar knowledge from Year 7 and start to develop and describe things in greater detail.

Year 8 Languages Curriculum

In year 8 you will be studying some more complex topics in Spanish. You are expected to work more independently and start putting together longer pieces of written Spanish. You will also start completing more translation exercises and using more authentic materials in class to support your learning. 

What will you study?

You will be building on a lot of the basic things that you learnt in year 7 and starting to extend and develop your spoken and written Spanish. You will cover topics on where you live, describing your house and local area, your daily routine and free time activities.  Grammar will be more of a focus in lessons too as your start to put together more complex Spanish and you will be looking at different verb tenses in more detail. You will be expected to use grammatical structures correctly and do some translation from Spanish to English and vice versa.



Assessment takes place over the year in a range of ways. You will often have a quick activity in class to see how you have understood something; this might be a listening, speaking, reading or writing task. You will be assessed in listening, speaking, reading and writing at the end of each unit.