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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

A Co-operative Academy

Personal Development

Citizenship and IVB

Level 1/2 Cetificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)

Citizenship and IVB (Personal, Health, Social, Economic Beliefs and Values Education) form part of the core curriculum at KS4.

At Kirkby Stephen Grammar School students have already begun to study for the Level 1/2 CoPE course in Year 9. They will continue to cover the Citizenship and IVB curriculum by working towards completion of this qualification.  Each student will be entered at one of two levels.  Level 2 is the equivalent of a GCSE pass at Grade B and Level 1 is the equivalent of a GCSE Grade D-G.  To pass, students have to create a portfolio of evidence to prove they have completed the required work and developed the necessary skills at the appropriate level. 

Students will continue to complete work on various credits over the remaining two years including work on volunteering, crime and the law, human rights, sex and relationships, drugs and alcohol, the media, and careers (including work experience)  and beliefs and values.

Students also continue to have the opportunity to draw on work they do in other lessons and outside the classroom to further their personal development studies and their CoPE portfolio. For example work done on charity days, for the school council or voluntary work done in their own time can all be given credit.  This builds on the valuable work already done in school by the pastoral staff and others, so students will be well supported in their studies. However, students will also be encouraged to develop their independent learning skills and to take responsibility for managing and completing their own portfolio of evidence.