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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

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Personal Development

This subject includes Citizenship, Personal, Social, Health, Economic, Beliefs and Values Education alongside Careers Information Advice and Guidance. This will form part of the core curriculum at KS4.

At Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, students will have already started their Personal Development program of study in Year 9. In their PD lessons, they will continue to cover the Citizenship and IVB curriculum and will do more in depth careers based activities, which will include working to secure a weeklong work experience placement in Year 10 and taking part in a mock interview competition.

Students will cover a range of different topics including:
- Careers and work experience
- Media – including social media
- Politics
- Human rights
- Physical and mental health awareness
- Sex and relationships
- Drugs and alcohol
- Independent living & economic wellbeing
- Global and Environmental awareness
- Beliefs and values

Students will also have additional opportunities for extra-curricular and practical school based activities such as:
- Careers talks and visits to colleges/universities
- Workshops on aspects of health and wellbeing
- Cultural visits – for example to a Buddhist Temple
- Taking home the Virtual baby

Assessment throughout the Personal Development pathway will be varied and will depend on the nature of the topic studied or activity being undertaken. This will include some student work being marked on the 1-9 grade scale, regular verbal feedback given by teachers and in addition, self and peer reviews will be utilised when appropriate.