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Year 7 Spanish

Learning a language is a lot of fun and in Year 7 you will start speaking Spanish straight away.  Some of you will have done a language at primary school, some of you won’t but you will quickly pick up the basics and be able to speak Spanish to your classmates. You will also discover and develop an appreciation of the culture where Spanish is the official language.


Spanish is a subject that is quite different to the other subjects you will be studying.  It will take a bit of time to get used to the format of the lessons as they can be quite noisy and active!  Working with and helping out your peers is a big part of learning a language and you will be expected to work independently, in pairs, in groups or as a whole class.  


You will be assessed regularly throughout the year to see how you are getting on.  We work on four skills in Spanish; listening, speaking, reading and writing. We try to do a bit of each every lesson to give you lots of practice. Everybody picks words up at different speeds but the same things come up quite a bit in year 7, 8 and 9 so you get used to using them in different contexts.


Year 7 Languages Curriculum

Languages are fun to learn and lessons are often lively and interactive. There are lots of different activities used to help you learn from pair matching games and puzzles to team competitions and CDs for listening practice. Your teacher will use as much Spanish as possible in the lesson but don’t worry if you don’t understand at first, lots of miming, repetition and gestures usually get the message across!


What will you study?

In September we will start with the basics of why and how we learn languages.  You will then move on to introducing yourself and giving some personal details. Over the rest of the year you will cover topics on family & friends, pets and free time.  You will also be able to give basic opinions and reasons for your opinions as well as asking and answering questions in basic conversations.  You will also learn about various Hispanic festivals during the course of the year to understand more about the culture.



Assessment takes place over the year in a range of ways. You will often have a quick activity in class to see how you have understood something; this might be a listening, speaking, reading or writing task. You will be assessed in listening, speaking, reading and writing at the end of each unit.