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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

A Co-operative Academy

Year 8 Design & Technology 

Year 8 is based around 3 main topics, Electronics, Metal and Polymers.  Within these areas a variety of practical and design skills are developed.  Pupils will start to expand their knowledge and ability in Computer Aided Design & Manufacture as well.

Projects may vary from year to year but at the present we manufacture a flashing light electronics project; a metal hook project and a CAD CAM mobile phone holder.  We may also produce small projects using a 3D printer and plotter, the former requiring 3D modelling skills.

Year 8 D&T Curriculum

Curriculum areas covered during this year are:

  • Application of the Design Process to a polymer project.
  • Design and manufacture using CAD & CAM processes
  • Metal engineering workshop skills.
  • Electronic manufacturing.

D&T Assessment

All students are assessed through a variety of assessment procedures and given a key stage grade using the National Curriculum levels. Full assessments are made after each project is completed.

Assessment procedures are:

  • Work completed in booklets through Design,  Making and Evaluating.
  • Practical Outcomes are graded to the new GCSE grades of 1 to 9.
  • Effort grades are also given.

For more information please go the DATA (Design & Technology Association) website at or contact Mr Kevin Gough.