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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

A Co-operative Academy

Year 7 Personal Development (PD)

Personal Development at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School incorporates the subject areas of Citizenship, PHSEE, RE and Careers Education. Students are taught in mixed ability groups and receive two Citizenship lessons and one Issues Values and Beliefs (IVB) lesson per fortnight. The courses build over three years to equip the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to begin to play their roles as young adults in the community.

Year 7 Personal Development Curriculum


  • What is Citizenship?
  • Individuals can make a difference
  • Volunteering project
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Local Government and Local Action
  • Animal rights

Issues, Values and Beliefs

  • Healthy living & wellbeing - including puberty, personal hygiene, exercise, diet & smoking and promoting positive mental health 
  • Managing social relationships
  • Faith in My Community – Introduction to 6 major world religions
  • Founders, symbols, leaders and places of worship (including local places of worship) 
  • Theist, Atheist and Agnostic
  • The role of God and Jesus in Christianity
  • Moral codes and the 10 commandments
  • Local places of Worship project

Assessment arrangements

A formally assessed piece of work for each topic is marked on the 1-9 grade scale and students are given summative and formative feedback. In addition regular self-review, peer review and informal feedback from teachers occurs.

Contact for further information - Mrs Joanne Sutterby