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Year 9 Spanish

In year 9 you will be looking to consolidate your learning from year 7 and 8 and continue building on your languages skills.  You will be encouraged to speak with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity; finding ways of communicating what you want to say.  You will be expected to write extended tasks using a range of tenses and varied vocabulary and grammatical structures. You will be assessed regularly throughout the year to see how you are getting on.  We work on four skills in Spanish; listening, speaking, reading and writing. We try to do a bit of each every lesson to give you lots of practice. 

Year 9 Languages Curriculum

In year 9 you will continue to build on your previous knowledge of Spanish on topics which will be used in day to day situations.  You will be expected to be an active member of the class, putting together conversations, working with your peers and presenting your work to the class. Grammar and translation are also a key focus to encourage students to think carefully about language structure and prepare them for the rigours of the GCSE.

What will you study?

You will start the year building on basic information you can give about yourself and other people.  You will then study healthy eating which will enable you to describe different healthy and unhealthy diets, order food in restaurants and ask for things in a shop.  You will also study the topic of clothing and describing items, shopping and talking about what you like to wear.  We will also look at some more complex grammatical structures and a range of verb tenses. This will give those who continue with Spanish on to GCSE good base level knowledge of vocabulary and  grammar as well as confidence in using their language.  You will also use some authentic materials in your lessons and start more complex translation tasks with a focus on grammatical structure.


Assessment takes place over the year in a range of ways. You will often have a quick activity in class to see how you have understood something; this might be a listening, reading or writing task. You will have an end of unit test at the end of each unit in listening, speaking, reading and writing.