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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

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School Uniform

Examples of acceptable and unacceptable items can be found below.

Uniform can now be ordered online by visiting

There is also a local Facebook group for buying/selling/swapping uniform in the Kirkby Stephen area - - Please note that KSGS has no affiliation to the above Facebook group and provides the link for information only.

The wearing of full school uniform is expected as an integral part of the school ethos which promotes positive attitudes, high standards and a sense of personal pride.


In our view, for a school uniform to be successful it must be:


  1. Uniform – not open to various interpretations
  2. Distinctive and smart
  3. Easily and readily available
  4. Reasonably priced


Students are expected to wear the correct school uniform as listed below:


Blazer                 Navy school blazer with badge as supplied by Coniston Corporate

Tie                      Navy/Gold stripe school tie as supplied by Coniston Corporate only, must be worn at all times (with exception of PE)

Shirt                   Plain white collared shirt (not polo style) long or short sleeves

Pullover             Long sleeved ‘V’ neck pullover with badge as supplied by Coniston Corporate (optional)

Skirt*                  KSGS Tartan skirt as supplied by Coniston Corporate OR navy knee-length pleated skirt

Trousers*          Plain black straight tailored trousers. Trousers should not be denim, chinos, cord, ski trousers, tracksuits, lycra material, or hipster style. The trousers must have a hem, not be frayed or have a wide or narrow bottom. They must sit on the shoe and not cling to the leg. NOT skinny styles or those promoted as skinny/slim fit.

Socks/Tights     Plain black/navy. Socks/tights must be worn at all times. Socks must cover ankles (no trainer socks)

Belts                   Only plain black belts are acceptable

Shoes*               Plain black shoes - NO open toe designs, trainers, pump or canvas shoes, no stilettos, mules or sling backs, a proper heel no higher than 4cm, no coloured laces or stitching. Students must wear proper black leather or leather look shoes AND NOT TRAINERS (Trainers are not to be worn unless accompanied by a Doctor’s note)

Outdoor coats   Most forms of sensible outdoor coats (preferably dark in colour and waterproof) are acceptable. Casual leisure wear is not regarded as suitable for school. Sweatshirts or hoodies of any description do not qualify as coats and are not acceptable

*For examples of acceptable skirts, trousers and shoes please refer to the school website:


Jewellery           One wrist watch is acceptable. Students with pierced ears will be allowed to wear two plain gold/silver small studs or small sleepers, one in the lobe of each ear. Diamante,  crystals, gemstones or other decorative styles are not acceptable. The stud/sleeper is to be placed in the earlobe. Nose studs, other jewellery, piercings and badges are not allowed. Items that are not acceptable will be confiscated until the end of the week when they can be collected from the school office. ALL jewellery must be removed for PE.

Hair                    Students with long hair must fasten it up in D & T, Food Tech, PE and Science and sometimes Art. Extreme hairstyles will not be permitted (no hair shorter than number 2, no shapes cut into hair, no unnatural colours or unnatural combinations).

Make-up            Students are not allowed to wear make-up. Nail varnish, false nails, false eyelashes and eye brow tints are not allowed. If students come into school wearing make-up, they will be expected to remove it.


PE                       Non-marking trainers and all-weather pitch shoes are required for all students. Football boots will be needed for Rugby and Football

                           Yellow/navy/maroon girls or boys polo shirt (must have initials embroidered) as supplied by Coniston Corporate

                           Navy skort or navy shorts as supplied by Coniston Corporate (a skort is needed for netball)

                           KSGS navy leggings or navy joggers as supplied by Coniston Corporate or plain navy leggings/joggers (optional).  Branded leggings or joggers are not allowed

                           Maroon/navy/yellow hoody as supplied by Coniston Corporate (optional for boys as can not be worn for Rugby)

                           Maroon/navy/yellow boys rugby shirt as supplied by Coniston Corporate

                           Maroon and yellow hooped socks as supplied by Coniston Corporate

                           White PE ankle socks (summer only)


                           Shin pads are compulsory for football and hockey

                           Earrings must be removed for PE and long hair must be tied up

                           A towel should be brought to all PE or games lessons



It is advisable to buy gum shields for both boys and girls to wear for rugby and hockey games.

Base layers, white or navy, are recommended for winter




Sixth Form         Sensible, smart and in line with Sixth Form Contract

                           Head of Sixth Form and School Leadership Team have the right to veto inappropriate dress




The Headteacher reserves the right to make the final decision on what is appropriate or not.




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