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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

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Year 8 History

What will I study?

Topic 1 – The Industrial Revolution


  • Overview of what changed 1750-1900
  • Focus on how Britain became industrialised – Josiah Wedgewood, Richard Arkwright
  • Child Labour in Factories and Mines
  • The transport revolution
  • The role of the navvies
  • The building of the Settle to Carlisle railway
  • Industrial towns

Topic 2 – The British Empire


  • Britain’s early colonies in America and the Caribbean
  • The ‘pirates of the Caribbean’
  • The British Rule in India
  • The benefits and problems of the Empire
  • India’s Struggle for Independence

Topic 3 – Black immigration and the Slave trade


  • Overview of Britain’s first black immigrants
  • What is slavery?
  • What are the origins of the transatlantic slave trade?
  • The triangle of trade
  • The Middle Passage
  • Slave Auctions
  • Life on the plantations
  • Slave Resistance
  • The Abolition Movement
  • Slave Trade – legacy in the UK

Topic 4 – The Slave owning states in the USA and the reasons why slaves were emancipated  


  • The role of the abolitions in changing attitudes
  • The role of the American civil war

Topic 5 – The situation for ex slaves in the USA  


  • Jim Crow Laws
  • Restrictions on voting
  • Violence and the KKK

Topic 6 – The fight for Civil Rights in the 1950s and 1960s   


  • Campaigns in the 1950s
  • Montgomery Bus boycott
  • Little Rock
  • Campaigns in the 1960s
  • Sit ins
  • Freedom Rides
  • Birmingham
  • Washington
  • Selma

Topic 7 – Martin Luther King


  • Main Ideas, approaches and campaign

Topic 8 – Malcolm X


  • Main ideas, approaches and campaigns

Topic 9 – The situation in America today for Black Americans  


  • Positive role models
  • Negative aspects, for example race riots and ghettoes


For more information please contact Rachel Steels Subject Leader for History.