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GCSE Art & Design

No essays, all work finished by early May in Year 11, and the chance to develop your own ideas and individual work ………..interested? Then consider GCSE Art and Design.

The Course

The Art course is challenging and exciting; it is designed to build on the students lower school experiences, culminating in a final exhibition at the end of the course to celebrate their success.

The GCSE Art course enables students to explore designs and ideas creatively, realising their ideas through a variety of media areas such as Drawing and Painting, Textiles, Graphics, printing processes, photo manipulation on the PC and 3-D, if desired. The course is structured around a number of modules that are theme based to develop the Portfolio Unit, and an externally set assignment as the final practical exam.

In order to be successful at GCSE level you need to have good observational drawing skills, be able to plan and prepare ideas and designs on paper, be willing to use research into other artists work to influence your ideas, research independently both imagery and artists work, be able to show a ’journey’ in your work, work with the teacher discussing your ideas and intended outcomes and, above all, have energy and motivation to realise your intentions and work independently.

Homework is a vital part of the course and will be based on the development of class work.   In order to help with resources the Art room is open for use most lunchtimes to complete homework or attempt extension work.  Individual folder reviews are undertaken in Year 11, to ensure that all assessment objectives have been thoroughly addressed.

Course structure

The AQA Syllabus is followed. The syllabus requires you to address four Assessment Objectives in both the portfolio component and the externally set assignment.

The course structure is as follows:

GCSE Art and Design and Fine Art WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE?

60% of the GCSE

Component 1: Portfolio of Work

Throughout Years 10 and 11 you will do a number of projects all of which makes up your ‘Portfolio Unit’ – this is a selection of work from the projects you have done and must show examples of at least one sustained project. 

Within this time you will also do a ‘mock exam’ to include in your portfolio.

Externally Set Assignment
40% of the final mark

The externally set assignment is a practical exam where students select from a number of externally set starting points. The exam is issued in the first week of January in Year 11 and students use this time to complete prep work followed by a 10 hour exam in which students complete their final piece.

All Assessment Objectives must be addressed. Following the externally set assignment students will put up an exhibition of their work which includes their portfolio and the externally set assignment.

All work is marked by the school and moderated by the AQA.

Anyone undertaking the course receives a Course Handbook at the start of Year 10 which gives details of assessment objectives and other important information.

In order to take GCSE Art students must have shown commitment and enthusiasm in Years 7-9 and have a good homework record.