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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

A Co-operative Academy

Year 8 English

Students are encouraged to build on the knowledge acquired in Year 7, strengthening their appreciation of literary and non-literary texts. Pupils are also supported in the progression of their writing skills, revisiting core skills such as paragraphing and punctuation but developing their ability to construct detailed narratives. They also continue to experience a range of writing from authors around the world and from time periods spanning centuries.

All pupils continue to take part in our personalised spelling programme throughout KS3 and we work closely with the SEND department to support pupils with additional needs.

Teaching takes place through a wide variety range of challenging and engaging classroom activities and we believe in showing pupils how to structure responses through shared writing, modelling and scaffolding. Formal assessments take the form of end of unit discursive essays and written non-fiction and fiction texts. Depending upon the size of the intake, English classes will be set using Y7 assessment data as a guideline or in smaller year groups, pupils are set in mixed ability classes. Where classes are set, there is scope for movement up or down throughout the year.   

We encourage participation in national writing competitions, the Poetry by Heart initiative and celebrations of both National Poetry Day and World Book Day in order to support and develop classroom learning. We are developing connections with the University of Lancaster, allowing pupils the opportunity to experience perspectives on literary texts from Professors and PHD students. Our enrichment calendar also includes theatre trips, community speakers and poetry workshops.