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Rock School London Level 2 Certificate for Music Practitioners (GCSE Equivalent)

If you enjoy practical music, if you study an instrument or sing, if you are interested understanding how the music industry really works and if you’d like to develop the skills of self-confidence and self-motivation, then this course is for you.

The RSL Level 2 Music Practitioners Course sets the foundation for you to become a working musician.

The course is entirely coursework based – no exams are involved. A Distinction at Level 2 is equivalent to a Level 8/9 at GCSE. Most importantly this qualification is recognised by sixth forms, colleges and employers. A student achieving a Merit or Distinction in this qualification will have proved that they have the highly important key skills of self-discipline, organisation, self-motivation and the ability to present their work to others – skills that are highly in demand in the work place.

RSL Level 2 Certificate for Music Practitioners is divided into 3 Units

Unit 1 - Musical Knowledge

This is the theoretical element of the course

You are required to study and compare two contrasting styles of music. The two styles are chosen by each individual student (they are styles of music that inspire you). You will research and study how the styles emerged, features of the style, most important figures associated with the style, and the fashion and identity of the style. You will also be required to analyse and talk about a piece of music in detail.

Your findings will be presented as a live power point presentation of 8 minutes.

Unit 2 - Musical Skills

This unit is about developing your skills as a performer. By studying the career and backgrounds of performing artists you will discover what it takes to become a professional musician.

You will measure your own skills against young professional musicians, and bridge that gap by creating a skills development plan in which you will demonstrate your ability to improve through your own self-motivation, planning and reflection skills. You will be required to create a practice diary and demonstrate significant improvement over time.

Unit 3 - Live Performance

This unit is externally assessed. You are given a live performance task to fulfil (e.g. organising a concert, and external music festival).

You will be involved fully in the organisation of the event and a video of the final performance of the event will be assessed by the exam board. You will also be required to reflect clearly on the successes and failures of the event.

This qualification is available as an option or as additional GCSE.