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GCSE Music

GCSE music is a course aimed at students who are enthusiastic about all aspects of music and are learning or are willing to learn (intensively) an instrument or voice. The GCSE Music course is structured around the practical development of listening, composition and performance skills.

Unit 1 - Understanding Music (40%)

Over the period of the GCSE Music course students will learn about a range of music including blues, musical theatre, pop and rock, world music, classical music and jazz styles. Students will also analyse two music works in detail. At the end of the course the student’s knowledge and understanding of musical language and style will be assessed in a one and a half hour listening exam.

Unit 2 - Performing Music (30%)

Throughout the course students will develop their performance skills on their chosen instrument or voice. They will be expected to perform regularly for assessment in front of class members. Towards the end of the course, students will prepare and present one well-crafted solo and ensemble performance. The entire musical performance must last a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes.

Unit 3 - Composing Music (30%)

At the start of the GCSE course students will be introduced to a range of key composing techniques which will lead to the completion of two compositions (the first to a brief, the second is free choice). A recording of each composition is needed and students are encouraged to present their work in their own way – according to their personal style and the instruments that they play.

Why choose GCSE Music? 

Through the study of GCSE Music you will develop the ability to listen to and discuss music of all forms in depth and detail. You will gain self-confidence and develop mental focus through performing to others and practising regularly. You will also develop team work skills through performing with others. Through the process of composition you will develop your own musical voice and extend your creative and problem-solving skills.

The global music industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with all kinds of careers attached to it including recording, PR, marketing, law, sales, radio, tv, and, of course, performing. The knowledge and in depth understanding of an arts subject has become increasingly valuable in a competitive career market as arts subjects develop the skills of creativity, confidence and team work. GCSE Music provides a solid foundation for progression to music related courses, including A-Level Music, A-Level Performing Arts, B Tec Music and University Degrees.