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Year 9 History

What will I study?

Topic 1 – The outbreak of World War 1


  • An introduction to the countries of Europe in 1914
  • The Alliance System
  • The main causes of the First World War
  • Short term triggers to the outbreak of the First World War

Topic 2 – The Government’s use of Propaganda


  • Why did men sign up to fight?

Topic 3 – The experience of soldiers fighting on the Western Front


  • What was it like fighting in Trench warfare?
  • Focus on the Battle of The Somme
  • Focus on Passchendaele
  • Ways in which morale was kept high in the British army-revisionist views

Topic 4 – Why did the Allies win the First World War?


  • Did tanks help break the stalemate?
  • The reasons why the Allies won the War

Topic 5 – How far was Hitler responsible for the outbreak of World War II


  • Was the Treaty of Versailles a Pease Treaty?
  • Hitler’s aims in Europe
  • Hitler’s actions 1933-1939
  • In what ways were the Allies responsible for Wold War?

Topic 6 – How the Second World War was fought. How did the Allies win the Second World War?  


  • An overview of the fighting in World War II
  • Dunkirk – Triumph or Disaster?
  • The Battle of Britain
  • Hitler’s failure to break morale during the Blitz
  • D-Day
  • The Dropping of the atomic bomb to end World War II

Topic 7 – How did the people of Britain cope with the bombing of British cities?


  • Evacuation
  • The Home Front – How did people’s lives change?

Topic 8 – The Holocaust


  • Reasons why Hitler persecuted groups in Nazi Germany
  • The Steps to persecution
  • The Final Solution
  • Jewish resistance to persecution

Topic 9 – The Cold War


  • Reasons why the Cold War started
  • Division of Europe
  • Berlin and the Berlin Wall
  • Hot wars of the Cold War-Vietnam
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

For more information please contact Rachel Steels Subject Leader for History.