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A Level Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of the properties and reactions of substances and their effect on each other, us and the world around us. Practical work is an integral part of the course.

Chemistry introduces students to contemporary issues and they study the chemistry in a spiral way so that chemical ideas, introduced in an early topic, are reinforced later.

Course Requirements

To join the course you will need either:-

GCSE Triple Science 3 Grades 6 or above or GCSE Combined Science (Grades 7:6 or above). See note below.

and GCSE Maths at Higher Level (Grade 6 or above)

Please note - If you have studied GCSE Combined Science. Although we look at every student as an individual, it is extremely unlikely that a student with less than a 7 at GCSE, from this course, would be able to cope with any A level Science course. Therefore, this is a strict requirement.

An interest in understanding the world around you, an enthusiasm for practical work and the ability to study independently and work as part of a team.

Why Study Chemistry?

It is an ideal science to complement the study of Biology, Physics, Geography and Maths, plus it is essential for careers in Medicine, Veterinary Science, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Chemical Engineering.

All that questioning and experimentation will gain you skills that will make you a suitable candidate for a career in any field, making you highly employable.

Chemistry helps you to develop research, problem solving and analytical skills. It helps to you challenge ideas and show how you worked things out through logic and step-by-step reasoning. Chemistry often requires teamwork and communication skills too, which is great for project management.

Our past students have gone onto degrees as diverse as Chemistry, Law, Mathematics, Teaching, Volcanology, Nursing and Medicine, many at prestigious universities.

Course Outline

The content includes: Practical skills, Foundations in Chemistry, Core Organic Chemistry, The Periodic Table, Energy, Physical Chemistry, Transition Elements, Organic Chemistry and Analysis.