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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

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A Level Drama & Theatre Studies

Exam Board: AQA   

This two year course is one of the revised A-Levels that were introduced for teaching in 2016.

Fact File

GCSEs to include Grade 4 English Language or Literature.
You can explore your own route: Directing, Acting, Design or Technical- You do not need to act!
Very active, highly practical and academic two year course (no AS Level).
Assessed on practical performance and written exams.
You will be able to go to the theatre on a regular basis and have the opportunity to work practitioners and professionals in the industry.
Requirement for some after School rehearsals.
Past students have gone on to study a broad range of subjects at university.
You will need to purchase some playscripts.

Course summary

Drama and Theatre Studies is an intellectually challenging and artistically rewarding subject that explores the history of drama and analyses the theatrical forms, practitioners and stylistic approaches that take a production from page to stage. The course is designed to instill a thorough understanding of both practice and theory and offers plenty of scope for development of performance-based skills. You will take part in a variety of practical workshops and have the opportunity to study play texts, look at different theatre practitioners and companies as well as performing your own work, both scripted and devised. You will also learn and apply directing skills practically and to texts studied.

As a student on the Drama and Theatre Studies course, you will be expected to see as much live theatre as possible and to actively explore new ideas and forms of performance. Trips to see professional productions in a variety of regional venues are organised on a regular basis and you will learn how to analyse and critically deconstruct these experiences, as well as other works you study or create yourself. The more productions you see, the wider your knowledge and experience will become!

As with other Performing Arts subjects, the dedication, motivation, teamwork, confidence and organisational skills that underpin success will add genuine value to any university, apprenticeship or employment application.

What kinds of topics will I be studying?

Acting, directing, design, lighting and/or sound skills - you can specialise for the practical assessments.

You will present extracts from published plays in workshop and assessed performances as well as devise your own theatre in groups.
How to form judgements about live theatre, taking a critic’s perspective.
The methods and work of theatre practitioners, influential directors and companies considering their impact and influence on theatre.
Thinking independently, analytically and imaginatively about your work and the work of others.

What will my final qualification be?

An A-Level in Drama and Theatre Studies at the end of two years of study, awarded by AQA.

How will my work be assessed?

The course is assessed by a number of methods including a mixture of written examinations and practical assessments. The practical assessments involve performing and/or designing for published plays as well as creating your own original piece of theatre in a devising process. All practical work has supporting evidence where you will reflect on and analyse your processes and work. Live theatre and set texts are covered in the written papers where students respond analytically in essays and extended responses.

What extra support/enrichment activities might be offered?

Regular productions involving some rehearsals after School.
Several theatre trips, both locally and further afield.
Theatre workshops lead by leading practitioners and professionals in the industry.

What other subjects combine well with this course?

Previous students have successfully combined this course with almost every other subject offered at school.

Where might it lead?

You could follow a degree course in Acting, Drama and Theatre Arts, Performing Arts or almost any other subject. Alternatively you could take a vocational course at Drama School, in which case you will find this a useful course as a foundation in professional theatre technique and discipline. Past students have become Actors, Directors, Teachers, Journalists, Psychologists, Event Organisers, Arts Administrators, Doctors, Architects, Lawyers, found work with the Police – almost anything!

Do I need previous knowledge of Drama and Theatre Studies to take it at A- Level?

You don’t need to have previously studied Drama GCSE to do the course. However, you must have an interest in the subject, be prepared to work practically and to go to the theatre. This is why we ask for is a committed attitude and willingness to learn and work with others.