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Kirkby Stephen Grammar School

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GCSE Geography

Course: AQA Geography
Teachers: C Thompson and E Sayers

Geography enables us to understand how the world works. It involves investigating people, places and the relationships and interdependencies that exist. Geographers have a unique view point as they combine political, social, economic and environmental aspects with an understanding of physical processes.

The GCSE course content is refreshing and is relevant to life in our globalized and interdependent world. It provides the bigger picture of the way we live our lives locally, nationally, and globally. We tackle topical issues such as population, managing diminishing resources, natural hazards and climate change.

Geography develops the ability to combine scientific principals with economic and social awareness, environmental concern and an appreciation of people’s attitudes and values. This engaging and contemporary specification’s main focus is to develop an understanding of the physical and human processes and factors that produce diverse landscapes that change over time and space.

We continue to use a variety of learning activities to create a relevant and meaningful insight into  the dynamic and effectively shrinking world. Pupils are encouraged to contribute positively to discussions on important issues concerning sustainability. The course  involves many employable skills from communication and cartographical to problem solving, ICT, critical thinking and decision making.

Key features of the course include:

Modern approach relevant to the student’s future, global issues and development.

Topic Content % of GCSE
Living with the Physical Environment

Natural Hazards - Tectonics, weather & climate change

Living World - Ecosystems, tropical rainforests and cold environments

Physical landscapes of the UK - River and glacial landscapes


Challenges in the Human Environment

Urban Issues and Challenges – Trends and growth in UK and glacial urban areas

The Changing Economic World – Economic development and quality of life, reducing the development gap and rapid economic development.

The Challenge of Resource Management – Resource scarcity and management (one from food, water or energy)


Geographical Application

Issue evaluation task – Critical thinking and decision making skills. Two short fieldwork based enquiries.

Geograpahy Skilled Assessment